Women in Nontraditional Roles

  • Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman
  • Baseball Ballerina by Kathryn Cristaldi
  • Beautiful Warrior by Emily Arnold McCully
  • Daddy makes the Best Spaghetti
  • Fire! Fire! said Mrs. McGuire by Bill Martin
  • Girls A to Z by Bunting
  • Helping out by George Ancona
  • I can be a truck driver by June Behrens
  • I love you the purplest by Barbara Joosse
  • Little Red Riding Hood by Lisa Campbell Earnst
  • Long Red Scarf by Nette Hilton
  • Louanne Pig in Making the Team by Nancy Carlson
  • Mama Played Baseball by D. Adler
  • Mama is a Miner by George Ella Lyon,
  • Mama's Coming Home by K. Banks
  • Mommies at Work by Eve Merriam
  • Mrs. Plug the plumber by Alan Ahlbergs
  • Ms. Murphy fights fires by Alice Flanagan
  • My Granny" by Margaret Wild's
  • My Dad Takes Care of Me  by Patricia Quinlan, Vlasta van Kampen, Ken Ward
  • Paper Bag Princess by Munsch
  • Petronella
  • Pinky and Rex series by James Howe (Pinky is the boy, Rex is the girl)
  • Prince Cinders
  • Princess and the Pizza (The) by Mary Jane Auch
  • Princess Smartypants
  • Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett by Steven Kellogg
  • Swamp Angel by Anne Isaacs
  • Two of them (The) by Aliki
  • What Mommies do Best/What Daddies do Best
  • When I grow up by P.K. Hallinan
  • William's doll by Charlotte Zolotow
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