Neglectful or Self Involved Parents

    • Eloise."  romping unsupervised around the Plaza. (obviously, wonderfully appealing)
    • FUN by Jan Mark
    • Momma says there aren't any... by Viorst
    • Mr. and Mrs. Pig's Evening Out by Mary Rayner. Mr. and Mrs. Pig hire a babysitter for their evening out but don't seem to notice the hairy legs and bushy tale of the local wolf. However the piglets are not so sanguine.
    • My Crazy Sister by Goffstein
    • My Old Man by Patricia Polacco has a lovable but irresponsible father.
    • NOT NOW, BERNARD -- David McKee
    • Raising Sweetness by Diane Stanley and illustrated by G. Brian Karas.
    • Sheila books by Burningham.
    • Shirley book by John Burningham ("Shirley, get out of the bath")
    • The Carl books by Alexandra Day do often elicit negative responses from adults who wonder why the mother leaves her child in the care of a dog.
    • Tommy at the Grocery Store" by Grossmanwhich
    • WESLANDIA- by Paul Fleischman- Wesley "triumphs"   over his "follow the crowd" parents by positively asserting his independence!
    • Whatever Wanda Wants by Jude Wisdom. Wanda's guilt-ridden parents create a monster when they overindulge their child to compensate for how little time they have for her in their busy lives.
    • Yes, Dear by Diana Wynne Jones certainly fits the bill
    • Zoo by Anthony Browne.
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