If You Liked Tangerine...

  • Bennett -  The Squared Circle
  • Crutcher, Chris
  • Deuker, Carl.  Night Hoops and others
  • Dueker, Carl -  On the Devil's Court about a high school basketball player who thinks he has sold his soul to be a better bball player.
  • Dueker, Carl - Paint it Black, etc.
  • Lipsyte, Robert:  The Contender, The Brave, The Chief feature boxing.  The protagonist in the first becomes the adult mentor in the second two.
  • Lynch, Chris - Slot Machine by Chris Lynch; The main character is a boy going into high school who is forced to attend camp where everyone is "slotted" into a sport.The problem is he doesn't fit in any of the slots
  • Ritter, John.
  • Sweeney -  Players
  • Wallace, Rich
  • Weaver, Will - Hard Ball and others
  • Zusak, Maurice. Fighting Ruben Wolfe has boxing and the relationship between brothers

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