• All The Answers" by A.C. LeMieux.  It has clever dialog and a likeable main character who is flunking algebra and struggles with how to change this.
  • Hidden Talents (David Lubar 1999) features a large number of underachieving students, including   the narrator, who have been assigned to a special school because they're failing regular school.
  • Homecoming, Cynthia Voigt.   Dicey Tillerman's little sister,who's musically talented but barely able to learn reading, writing and arithmetic
  • Rats Saw God by Rob Thomas, the genius main character becomes an underachieving drug dddict, then gets his life back together and goes to college.
  • Run if you Dare_.  Randy Powell _ Kid has a flaky dad who doesn't have a job, and the boy, who is an underachiever, starts to worry that he will end up like his DAd.  Kid does manage to take charge of his life by the book's end.

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