Middle Ages (Non fiction)

  • Age of Feudalism by Timothy Levi Biel
  • Captives of Time, by Malcolm Bosse is about building the first clocks.
  • Castle diary: the Journal of Tobias Burgess
  • Everyday Life in Medieval Times by Marjorie Rowling
  • History of the Ancient and Medieval World from Marshall Cavendish
  • Leonardo Da Vinci, Art for Children : A Biography of Da Vinci accompanies fifteen color reproductions and critical interpretation of  his works
  • Life in a medieval monastery by Victoria Sherrow
  • Medieval Life by Andrew Langley
  • Michelangelo - Art for Children: A brief biography of Michelangelo with color reproductions and critical interpretations of his work
  • Outrageous Women of the Middle Ages by Vicki Leon is a fun nonfiction.
  • Recasting the Past: the Middle Ages in Young Adult Literature. Rebecca Barnhouse. Boynton-Cook, 2000.
  • Renaissance and Reformation by Trevor Cairns
  • The Black Death, by Phyllis Corzine,
  • The Dark Ages by Isaac Asimov.
  • Toilets, Bathtubs, Sinks and Sewers: a History, by Jack Kutz. Hygiene during that time period is a fascinating and disgusting topic, which really gets their interest, and yet, you never read about the history of bathrooms in a school textbook...
  • What Life was Like."  Two books are "What Life was Like in the Age of Chivalry: Medieval Europe, AD 800-1500" and What Life was Like at the Rebirth of Genius,  Renaissance Italy, AD 1400-1415.
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