• Dealing With Dragons by Patricia Wrede. The princess lives with the dragons partly to get away from the foolish princes trying to win her hand.
  • Don't Bet on the Prince_ and _The Outspoken Princess and the Gentle Knight_ both edited by Jack Zipes. Gender roles are played with all around.
  • Gail Carson Levine has a lovely assortment of swinish princes in her short illustrated books.
  • Happily Ever After by Quindlen
  • Into the Woods" had a couple of smarmy princes;
  • Jane and the Dragon" by Martin Baynton (Walker Books, 2000).  A rather charming picture book where Princess Jane wants to be a knight and the prince gets abducted by the dragon.
  • Just Ella.
  • King's Equal - Katherine Paterson - has a less than worthy but redeemable prince.
  • Land of Green Ginger - Noel Langley - 2 obnoxious princes and a charming one
  • Once on a time A.A. Milne (1917) - a ghastly prince who is transformed into a mix of lion, sheep and rabbit, and finds the only thing he can bear to eat is watercress sandwiches
  • Prince of Dorloo.
  • The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch
  • The Princess and the Pizza
  • The Willow Tree's Daughter", "Windrider" and "Victor's Quest" by Pamela Freeman. There are plenty of princes in "The Willow Tree's Daughter". Victor is in the bumbling but lovable category. There may not be any princes as such in "Windrider", but it's a terrific book.
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