• Are You in the House Alone?
  • Calling Home, book by Michael Cadnum, in which a boy accidentally kills his best friend in the cellar of an abandoned house, tells no one, but is compelled by his denial and guilt to telephone the parents continually and imitate the dead boy's voice, reassuring them that he is all right.
  • Do Not Pick Up the Telephone". Ted Hughes. It has the wonderful line, "O phone get out of my house, you are a bad god"
  • In the Middle of the Night by Robert Cormier deals with a 16 year old boy who receives telephone calls (alternately harassing and enticing) from someone seeking revenge for an accident caused by the boy's father 25 years earlier.
  • Phoning a Dead Man by Gillian Cross.  A cell phone plays a key role!
  • The Girls (all that nasty gossip.)
  • The Telephone Call by Dorothy Parker
  • When the Phone Rang by Harry Mazer
  • Wolf Rider by Avi involves a crank phone call.
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