Books in Books

  • Collins, Wilkie - The Moonstone
  • Creech, Sharon - Absolutely Normal Chaos.
  • DiCamillo, Kate - Because of Winn-Dixie. India visits the library and listens to the librarian's stories; we meet another girl who is an "advanced reader"; and India reads Gone with the Wind to an old "witch" with failing eyes. A lovely story.
  • McKay, Hillary - The Exiles
  • Mora, Pat - Tomas and the Library Lady, in which the illustrations show what Tomas is reading.
  • Nelson, Vaunda - Possibles the main character reads that book aloud, and it is crucial to the story.
  • Paton Walsh - The Green Book
  • Rahaman, Vashanti - Read to Me, Mama.
  • Sawyer, Ruth - Roller Skates, Lucinda and her uncle read The Tempest together, and Lucinda even puts on a toy theater production of it.
  • Sebestyen, Ouida. - Words By Heart.
  • Streatfeild, Noel - Movie Shoes_ (original title: _The Painted Garden_) the main character reads _The Secret Garden_.
  • Webb, Mary - Precious Bane_ someone reads _Jane Eyre
  • Wright, Richard - Black Boy.
  • Wright, Richard - The Library Card
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