Surviving Against the Elements

  • ADRIFT: Seventy-six Days Lost at Sea (Adult book)
  • Backwater / Joan Bauer. While compiling a genealogy of her family, sixteen-year-old history buff Ivy Breedlove treks into the mountain wilderness to interview a reclusive aunt.
  • DOVE by Robin Graham
  • Follow the River" James Thom
  • Hatchet, Gary Paulsen
  • HOME OF THE BLIZZARD (Antarctic survival)
  • Incident at Hawk's Hill by Allan about a young boy adopted by a badger
  • ISLAND KEEPER by Harry Mazer
  • Island of the Blue Dolphins / Scott O'Dell
  • Follow the River James Thom
  • Jean Craighead George
  • MRS. MIKE by Freedman - young woman goes to Alaska and faces the cold, diptheria, and romance.
  • Overboard by Elizabeth Fama... Escaping from a sinking ferry in the waters off Sumatra, fourteen-year-old Emily fights for survival for herself and a young Indonesian boy, who draws courage from his quiet but firm Islamic faith.
  • Red Midnight by Ben Mikaelsen
  • Rescue Josh McGuire_ Ben Mikaelsen _is about a boy and his baby bear (Josh's dad kills a bear and Josh rescues the baby)
  • Shabanu
  • Swiss Family Robinson -- Johann Wyss
  • The Cage" by Audrey Schulman where a woman photographer faces down polar bears on an assignment gone awry is a fast-paced, good read.
  • The Cay -- Theodore Taylor
  • The Kindling (The Fire-Us Trilogy, Book 1) by Jennifer Armstrong, Nancy Butcher
  • Tomorrow series John Marsden
  • TOUCHING SPIRIT BEAR by Mikaelson (again, not the main focus, but it's certainly a part of the story)
  • TRANSALL SAGA (sci-fi by Paulsen, but much of it involves the main character trying to deal with the animals and plants in a world he's never seen before)
  • Wild Man Island (2002) Teen boy faces the elements, wild animals, and the wild man of the island where he is stranded.
  • Will Hobbs' stories
  • WITHIN REACH (Pfetzer) is on the list, which makes me think that books about  climbing Everest would certainly fit the "against the elements" theme. For that matter, so would PERFECT STORM.
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