Drugs in fiction

  • Alice
  • Death at Devil's Bridge by DeFelice
  • Drugs in Fiction
  • Face at the Edge of the World by Bunting
  • Fat Kid Rules the World by Kelly Going
  • Hero ain't nothin' but a sandwich--Childress
  • Incident at Loring Groves by Levitin, Sonia,
  • Jay's Journal (like Alice, not exactly fiction)--Sparks
  • Motown and Didi by Walter Dean Myers
  • Pure Sunshine by Brian James
  • Rule of the Bone_ by Russell Banks is drug-laden and has a teenage protagonist
  • Stoner & Spaz-- Koertge
  • Summer Snow by Marilyn Levy, about a suburban teenage girl who tries cocaine casually in order to fit in with the "in"
  • That was then, this is now--Hinton
  • The Basketball Diaries by Jim Carroll is a good one
  • The White Horse
  • Twelve by Nick McDonnell
  • White horse--Grant
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