• Cave -- Bender
  • Cave Life -- Greenway
  • Crime in a Colorado Cave.
  • Danny Dunn and the fossil cave -- Williams
  • Five boys  and a cave -- Church
  • Ghost Cave by Barbara Steiner.In pursuit of a reward for the discovery of an Indian burial site, Marc and 2 friends get lost in a
  • Ghost cave -- Steiner
  • Horrible Harry Moves up to Third Grade by Suzy Kline if you don't think 4th grades will object.  It's humorous.
  • How Can a Brilliant Detective Shine in the Dark (Stevie Diamond Mystery) by Linda Bailey
  • Mysteries in the National Parks.
  • Running Scared by Gloria Skurzynski and Alane Ferguson
  • Story of caves -- Sterling
  • The Ghost of Fossil Glen by DeFelice.  It's not about caves really but has more about rock climbing.
  • The legend of red horse cavern / Gary Paulsen
  • Thunder Cave by Roland Smith.
  • Trapped in Death Cave by Bill Wallace
  • Waiting for Anya by Morpurgo.  WWII story of children being hidden in a cave from the Nazis and waiting for 1 child and the perfect time to use the cave inhabited by a ghost.
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