Conflict Resolution

    Children's Books:
  • Adams, Lisa K.  Dealing With Arguments
  • Adams, Lisa K.  Dealing With Hurt Feelings
  • Adams, Lisa K.  Dealing With Someone who Doesn't Listen
  • DePaola, Tomie. The Knight and the Dragon
  • Johnston, Marianne. Dealing With Anger
  • Johnston, Marianne. Dealing With Insults
  • Klamath County YMCA. The Land of Many Colors.
  • Middleton, Don.   Dealing With Tattling
  • Middleton, Don.  Dealing With Competitiveness
  • Middleton, Don.  Dealing With Someone who is Selfish
  • Munson, Derek. Enemy Pie
  • Polland, Barbara. We Can Work It Out
  • Thomas, Shelley Moore. Somewhere Today: A Book of Peace
  • Van Lewen, Jean. Sorry
  • Zolotow, Charlotte. The Hating Book

  • Books for Parents and Teachers:

  • Carlsson-Paige, Nancy. Before Push Comes to Shove: Building Conflict
  • Carter, Jimmy. Talking Peace
  • Levine, Stewart.  Getting to Resolution
  • Lucas, Eileen. Peace on the playground : nonviolent ways of problem-solving.New York: Franklin Watts, 1991.Introduces the concept of nonviolent resolution of conflicts. Includes practical tips, hands-on activities, and appropriate role models for guidance and inspiration.[this has gone out many times at its various libraries]
  • Mayer, Bernard S. The Dynamics of Conflict Resolution
  • Resolution Skills with Children.
  • Stock, Gregory. The Kids' Book of Questions.
  • Wandberg, Robert.  Conflict Resolution
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