Head lice

  • Arthur and the Cootie Catcher/Krensky
  • Cockroach Cooties/Laurence Yep
  • Girls Don't Have Cooties/Nancy Krulik
  • Head Lice/Allison Lassieur
  • Head Louse/Hartley Karen
  • Horrid Henry's Head Lice/Francesca Simon
  • Ivy Green, Cootie Queen/Holub
  • Let's Talk About Head Lice/ Melanie Gordon
  • Lice are Lousy!: All about Headlice/Margaret Tsubakiyama
  • Lice/Patrick Merrick
  • Lots of Lice / Bobbi Katz
  • The Zoo on You: Life on Human Skin/Harry Breidahl
  • There's a Louse in my House/ Cheri Hayes
  • Yikes-Lice!/Donna Caffey
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