Daddy Coming Home

  • Anna's goat (keefer)
  • Bracelet (uchida)
  • Butterfly (polacco)
  • Don't you know there's a war on? (stevenson)
  • Flowers on the wall (nerlove)
  • In my pocket (sim)
  • Language of doves (wells)
  • Lily cupboard (Oppenheim)
  • Lion and the unicorn (hughes)
  • Nim and the war effort (lee)
  • Remembering: The story of a soldier (mayo)
  • Rose blanche (innocenti)
  • Star of fear, star of hope (hoestlandt)
  • The feather-bed journey (feder)
  • The little ships: The heroic rescue at Dunkirk in WWII (borden)
  • The yellow star: the legend of Kindg Christian X of Denmark (Deedy)
  • Time for toys (Wild)

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