Labor Movement

  • Ashes of Roses by Mary Jane Auch, about a young girl and her sister who immigrate from Ireland and get hired eventually at the Triangle Factory

  • Bartoletti, Susan Campbell.  Growing Up in Coal Country.   Describes what life was like, especially for children, in coal mines and mining towns in
    Bartoletti, Susan Campbell.  Kids on Strike!    Describes the conditions and treatment that drove working children to strike, from the mill workers'
    Big Annie of Calumet: A True Story of the Indsutrial Revolution by Jerry Stanley.
    Bobbin Girl by Emily Arnold McCully  (picture book)
    Cheap Raw Material--Milton Meltzer
    Children of the Dust Bowl: The True Story of the School at Weedpatch Camp also by Jerry Stanley.
    Coal Miner's Bride by Bartoletti deals with laborers in and around the coal mines of Pennsylvania.
    Cole, Sheila.  Working Kids on Working.   25 young people discuss their work experiences. Also includes a brief history of child labor laws and legal
    Colman, Penny.  Rosie the Riveter: Women Working on the Home Front in World War II
    Dash, Joan.  We Shall Not be Moved: The Women's Factory Strike of 1909. Describes the conditions that gave rise to efforts to secure better working conditions
    Emmeline by Judith Rossner
    Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan
    Fire! The Beginnings of the Labor Movement--Barbara Diamond Goldin
    Freedman, Russsell.  Kids at Work: Lewis Hine and the Crusade Against Child Labor.
    Gloria Skurzynski's ROCKBUSTER is a YA novel that fits.
    Gourley, Catherine.  Good Girl Work: Factories, Sweatshops and how Women Changed Their Role in the American Workforce.
    Industrial Revolution--ed. John D. Clare (Living History)
    Industrial Workers of the World, Joe Holl, 18-year-old Utah coal miner Tommy Quinlan begins to accept his past and make decisions about his future.
    Industry and Business--Linda Leuzzi (Chelsea House pub.)
    Iqbal Masih and the Crusaders Against Child Slavery--Susan Kuklin
    its struggles to organize, win improved conditions for its members, and rid itself of internal corruption.
    Josephson, Judith Pinkerton. Mother Jones: fierce fighter for workers' rights
    Kids at Work by Russell Freedman
    Kids on Strike! by Susan C. Bartoletti
    Layden, Joe.  The great American Baseball Strike. Examines the 1994-95 baseball strike within the context of the history of the game, its past labor problems, and its future as the great American pastime.
    Levy, Elizabeth.  Struggle and Lose, Struggle and Win.    Traces the history of the United Mine Workers, the first major industry-wide union
    Lord Kirkle's Money--Avi
    Lyddie by Katherine Patterson
    Meltzer, Milton. Bread-- and roses: the struggle of American labor 1865-1915
    Mill-David McCauley
    Mim's Christmas Jam--Andrea Pinkney (NYC subway)
    Missing From Haymarket Square by Harriet Robinet. slightly unrealistic in the amount of free time the young laborer has to pursue the mystery
    Mr. Blue Jeans: A Story About Levi Strauss--Maryann N. Weidt
    nature of the work itself.
    Roses Sing on New Snow--Paul Yee
    Russell Freedman's Kids at Work
    Saller, Carol.  Working Children.  Describes the various jobs which children performed during the early 1900's, the reasons for employment
    Skurzynski, Gloria.  Rockbuster.  In 1915, after being asked to sing at the funeral of executed songwriter and member of the international union
    Smith, Mike (Michael O.)  The Reuther Brothers: Walter, Roy and Victor.  (Great Lake Books, Detroit biography series for young readers
    Stanley, Jerry. Big Annie of Calumet: a true story of the Industrial Revolution
    Stein, R. Conrad.  The Story of the Pullman Strike.    Traces the history of the unsuccessful but influential strike in which the American Railroad Union supported the employees of the Pullman Company.
    Tenements: Immigrant Life on the Lower Easst Side by Raymond Bial
    The Babe and I--David Adler (newspaper seller)
    The Clock by James Lincoln Collier
    The Journal of Otto Peltonen, a Finnish Immigrant. He works in the mines in Northern Minnesota and gets involved in fighting for worker's rights.
    The Sanyasin's First Day--Ned Shank (India)
    This land was made for you and me : the life and songs of Woody Guthrie by Elizabeth Partridge.
    Those Building Men--Angela Johnson
    Uncle Jed's Barbershop--Margaree King Mitchell
    University Press.  2001)
    Unraveling by Elizabeth Graver
    Up Molasses Mountain by Julie Baker.  It's set in the West Virginia mining country in the 50's, when strikers are trying to unionize the coal mine.
    We Have Marched Together: The Working Children's Crusade by Stephen Currie.
    Worksong--Gary Paulsen

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