Personal Narrative Poetry

  • Becoming Joe Dimaggio              Testa, Maria
  • Been to Yesterdays             Hopkins
  • Brimstone Journals - Ron Koertge
  • Bronx Masquerade - Nikki Grimes
  • Frenchtown Summer              Cormier, Robert
  • Girl Coming in for a Landing       Wayland, April
  • Harlem                             Myers
  • Jinx                               Wild, Margaret
  • Jump Ball                      Glenn, Mel: almost anything by
  • Learning to Swim               Turner, Ann
  • Loose Threads by               Lorie Ann Grover
  • Love that dog!                     Creech, Sharon
  • Make Lemonade                      Wolf, Virginia
  • Out of the Dust                    Hesse, Karen
  • Split Image,                       Glenn, Mel: almost anything by
  • Stop Pretending:...                Sones, Sonya
  • Taking of Room 114             Glenn, Mel: almost anything by
  • The Other Side                     Johnson, Angela
  • True Believer                      Wolf, Virginia
  • What My Mother Doesn't Know        Sones, Sonya
  • Who Killed Mr. Chippendale     Glenn, Mel: almost anything by
  • Witness                            Hesse, Karen

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