India (Middle School)

  • Davakaruni. Sister of My Heart, (No real sex or violence)
  • Desai, Anita. Fasting, Feasting.
  • Dhami, Narinder.  Bindi Babes,
  • Gavin, Jamila.  Wheel of fire trilogy
  • Gilmore, Rachna. A Group of One.
  • Krishnaswami, Uma. Monsoon.
  • Krishnaswami, Uma. Naming Maya.
  • Krishnaswami, Uma. The Gift.
  • Markandaya, Kamala. Nectar in a Sieve.
  • Mukherjee, Bharati. Jasmine.
  • Nagda, Ann Whitehead.  Meow Means Mischief
  • Period Pieces. Ed. Erzsi Deak and Kristin EmbryLitchman.
  • Perkins, Mitali.  Monsoon Summer
  • Perkins, Mitali. The Sunita Experiment.
  • Rana, Indi. The Roller Birds of Rampur.
  • Rumer and Jon Godden both wrote books set in India
  • Sheth, Kashmira.  Blue Jasmine,
  • Smith, Rukshana. Salt on the Snow.
  • Smith, Rukshana. Sumitra's Story.
  • Staples, Suzanne Fisher.  Shiva's Fire
  • Vijayaraghavan, Vineeta. Motherland.
  • Whelan, Gloria. Homeless Bird.

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