Northern Ireland

  • Baker, Keith - "The Reckoning" and "Inheritance"  Thrillers
  • Bateman, Colin - "Divorcing Jack", "Cycle Of Violence", "Of Wee Sweetie Mice And Men", "Empire State", "Maid Of The Mist", "Shooting Sean", "Turbulent Priests" Funny and irreverent and a little bit about the troubles with dodgy language and situations.
  • Dunlop, Anne - "The Pineapple Tart"   Not about the troubles. Quite funny and about family of girls and their romances etc.
  • Fearon, Kate and Amanda Verlaque, eds. Lurgan Champagne and other tales: real-life stories from Northern Ireland" It's mainly about carrying on with everyday life during the 'Troubles' but may be worth looking at.
  • Harris, Ruth Elwin - The Beckoning Hills
  • Johnston, Jennifer - books are set in the south but "Shadows On Our Skin" is set in the north and is, yet again, about the troubles.
  • Lingard, Joan  - The twelfth day of July; Across the Barricades ; Into exile ; A proper place ; Hostages to fortune
  • Lingard, Joan. - Dark Shadows
  • MacLaverty, Bernard - "Cal" or "Lamb"
  • MacLaverty, Bernard - Cal and Grace Notes
  • Moore, Brian - "Lies Of Silence" (about the troubles but he came from Northern Ireland before he went to Canada so some of his other books are also set in Northern Ireland)
  • O'Sullivan, M. - Silent Stones
  • Sefton, Catherine - Frankie's Story
  • Sefton, Catherine - Starry Night
  • Sefton, Catherine - The Beat of the Drum
  • Seymour, Gerald - Harry's Game
  • Under Goliath by Peter Carter
  • Wilson, Robert McLiam - Eureka Street


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