Male Violence Questioned

  • Angry waters                    Walt Morey
  • Anything to win                 Miklowitz
  • Arnie and the skateboard gang   Nancy L Carlson
  • Buried onions                   Gary Soto
  • Crash                           Spinelli
  • Eating crow                     Lila Hopkins
  • Edge                            Michael Cadnum
  • Following my own footsteps      Mary Downing Hahn
  • Holes                           Sacher
  • Iceman                          Chris Lynch
  • The Island                      Gary Paulson
  • King of the cloud forests               Michael Morpurgo
  • Montana 1948                    Larry Watson
  • My father's scar                        Orson Scott Card
  • No place to run                 Barbara Murphy
  • One of the boys                 Scott Johnson
  • One of the third grade thonkers Phyllis Naylor Reynolds
  • Out of control                  Norma Mazer
  • Outsiders                       Hinton
  • Secret of the peaceful warrior  Dan Millman
  • Soulfire                                Lorri Hewett
  • Tangerine                       Bloor
  • Us against them         Michael French
  • Wringer                         Jerry Spinelli

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