Picture Books To Teach Elements of Fiction

    1.  Elements that may be taught beyond character, setting, plot and change:
             metaphor, simile, point of view, personification, theme, tone,
    alliteration, and aonomatopoeia, foreshadowing

    2.  Professional sources
            Using Picture Books To Teach Literary Devices (Hall) (Oryx Press)
            Teaching Story Elements With Favorite Books (Scholastic)
            Worth a Thousand Words: an Annotated Guide to Picture Books for Older
                Readers by Bette D. Ammon and Gale Sherman. ISBN 1-56308-390-6.
            Picture Books by Ruth Calhum
            Creating Writers by Vickie Spandel

    3.  Titles:
           Aunt Isabel Tells a Good One (Duke)
           Aunt Isabel Makes Trouble (Duke) (conflict)
           Two Is a Team (Beim) (beginning, middle, climax, end)
           Thy Friend, Obadiah (Turkle)
           Make Mulligan and His Steam Shovel (Burton)
           The Gang and Mrs. Higgins (Shannon) (setting)
           Where the Wild Things Are (Sendak) (foreshadowing)

    Alice in April - Phyllis Reynold Naylor
    Annabel - Janice Boland
    Grandma -  Alison Dexter
    I Want to Be - Thylias Moss
    Julius - Angela Johnston
    Miss Tizzy - Libba Moore Gray
    Monster Mama - Liz Rosenberg
    Nana's Birthday Party - Amy Hest
    Owen - Kevin Henkes
    Scooter - Vera B. Williams
    Tom - Tomie dePaola
    William's Ninth Life - Minna Jung
    Lydia, Queen of Palestine - Uri Orlev (Gr. 4-6)  Great character development
    Agnes the Sheep - William TAylor
    Annabelle Swift, Kindergartener - Amy Schwartz
    Henry and Mudge books - Cynthia Rylant

    Doctor De Soto - William Steig
    Three Billy Goats Gruff - Janet Stevens
    Little Tricker the Squirrel Meets Big Double the Bear - Barry Moser
    Cow That Wouldn't Come Down - Paul Brett Johnson
    Stellaluna - Janell Cannon
    The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig - Eugene Trivas

    Dreamplace - George Ella Lyon
    The Goodbye Walk - Joanne Ryder
    Grab Hands and Run - Frances Temple
    The Picnic - Ruth Brown
    Lost+ACE- - David McPhail
    Staying at Sam's - Jenny Hessell
    When I was Young in the Mountains - Cynthia Rylant

    Tone (feeling, emotion) - Cheyenne Again by Eve Bunting

    Flashback/time-shift - In my own backyard by Judi Kurjian

    Irony- The frog prince continued by Jon Scieszka

    Personification - The Barn by Debbie Atwell
                             The tree that would not die by Ellen Levine

    Point of View - Barefoot by Pamela Duncan Edwards
                          The true story of the three little pigs by Jon Scieszka

    Plot - Old Jake's skirts by David Slonim
             Lost Lake by Allen Say (use to show the development of parallel stories -- the backpacking trip and the relationship between
     father and son)

    Setting - The potato man by Megan McDonald
                  When I was young in the mountains by Cynthia Rylant

    Conflict - Two islands by Ivan Gantschev

    Conflict Resolution - The story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf

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