• Betancourt, Jeanne. My Name is Brain(Brian)
  • Cathie, Kyle. Defeating Dyslexia
  • Davis, Ronald D. The Gift of Dyslexia
  • Gehret, Jeanne.The Don't-give-up Kid
  • Gilson, Jamie.  Do Bananas Chew Gum?
  • Griffith, Joe. How Dyslexic Benny Became A Star. A touching account of one youngster's struggle in learning to read and the painful journey that he took to gain self-confidence, self-respect, and tremendous success as a human being, as a student, and as an athlete. Benny's story stands as a tribute to the human spirit and should serve as an excellent resource for students with dyslexia, their parents and their teachers.
  • Lester, Helen Author! It's her story of how she became an author and she talks briefly about how when she went to school she only wrote backwards.  Her teacher had to hold her work up to a mirror and with help she overcame it.  The book is on a first grade level and is very entertaining like all of her books.
  • Marek, Margot.  Different, not dumb Because he gets some letters mixed up or reversed, Mike is assigned to a special class in which he learns the basic reading skills he eventually uses to avert a serious accident.
  • Martin, Ann M. Yours Turly, Shirley.  About a fourth grade girl with dyslexia.  She reverses words and letters and is frequently confused and frustrated.  She also has an older brother who is intellectually gifted and a younger Adopted sister who is better in school than Shirley. It is touching but also upbeat and funny in some places.  Shirley is chosen to be the class artist and create bulletin boards, so there is a happy ending to the story.
  • Polacco, Patricia.  Thank you, Mr.Falker.
  • Walker, Kate. I hate books
  • Winkler, Henry and Lin Oliver.  Hank Zipzer series.



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