Human/Monster Romance

  • Anderson, M.T.       Thirsty.
  •  Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia.       Shattered Mirror.
  •  Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia.       Midnight Predator.
  •  Beagle, Peter.       A Fine and Private Place.
  •  Hahn, Mary Downing.       Look for Me by Moonlight.
  •  Garfield, Henry.       Moondog.
  •  Garfield, Henry.       Room 13.
  •  Hunter, Mollie.       A Stranger Came Ashore.
  •  Klause, Annette Curtis.       Blood and Chocolate.
  •  Klause, Annette Curtis.       The Silver Kiss.
  •  Mahy, Margaret.       The Changeover.
  •  Mahy, Margaret.       The Tricksters.
  •  Pierce, Meredith Ann.           The Darkangel.
  •  Smith, L. J.       The Awakening.
  •  Smith, L. J.       The Struggle.
  •  Smith, L. J.       The Fury.
  •  Smith, L. J.       Dark Reunion.
  •  Smith, Lisa Jane.       Soulmate.
  •  Somtow, S.P.       The      Vampire’s Beautiful Daughter.
  •  Stemp, Jane.       Secret Songs.
  •  Thane, Elswyth.       The Tryst.
  •  Thompson, Kate.       Midnight’s Choice.

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