Book Where Reading Is Important

  • Black- Little Old Man Who Could Not Read
  • Bradby- More Than Anything Else
  • Bunting - Wednesday Surprise
  • Casely- Sophie and Sammy's Library Sleepover
  • Cohen- When Will I Read
  • Deedy- Library Dragaon
  • DuVoisin, -Petunia
  • Ernst- Stella Louella's Runaway Book
  • Fox- A Bedtime Story
  • Hoban- Arthur's Prize Reader
  • Johnston- Amber on the Mountain
  • Lewin- Day of Ahmed's Secret
  • McGill- Molly Bannaky
  • McGovern- It's D.E.A.R. Time
  • McPhail- Edward and the Pirates
  • McPhail-Santa's Book of Names
  • Meddaugh- Hog Eye
  • Miller- Richard Wright and the Library Card
  • Mora- Tomas and the Library Lady
  • Numeroff- Beatrice Doesn't Want to
  • Pawaji- The Girl who Hated Books
  • Polacco- Thank You, Mr. Falker
  • Polacco- The Bee Tree
  • Polacco- Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Dam Affair
  • Purdy- Least of All
  • Rylant- Poppleton
  • Seuss- I Can Read with My Eyes Shut
  • Stewart- The Library
  • Wells- Bunny Cakes
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