Mysteries Involving Librarians

Abbott, Jeff. _Distant Bood_  _Do Unto Others_  _The Only Good Yankee_ (and others)
    Texas librarian, Jordan Poteet solves mysteries.

Allen, Garrison.  Big Mike series:  _Movie Cat_  _Baseball Cat_
_Royal Cat_ (and others) Big Mike (the cat) and his owner, Penelope Warren (local book-store owner) solve crimes in small Arizona town.

Block, Lawrence.  _The Burglar in the Library_
     One from the Bernie Rhodenbarr (the burglar) series.

Braun, Lilian Jackson.  Cat Who... series.
     Jim Qwilleran, journalist; Polly, town librarian (secondary
     character and love interest in later books); and his cat/s
     solve local mysteries.

Dereske, Jo.  Miss Zukas series.
     Bun-haired, spinster, set-in-her-ways PL librarian; her free-
     spirited artist friend; and local police chief solve
     Bellehaven, Washington (fictitious place) crimes.

Dunning, John.  _Booked to Die_ and _The Bookman's Wake_
     Former Denver police detective Cliff Janeway, first edition
     collector, opens his own bookstore.  His book knowledge and
     detective skills make him the perfect PI for "book" crimes.

Fitzwater, Judy.  _Dying to get even_  _Dying to be Murdered_  _Dying to Remember_
     Jennifer Marsh (woman novelist) series.

Goodrum, Charles. _A slip of the tong_
     Washington, D.C. library setting.

Hart, Carolyn.  _Death on Demand_  _The Christie Caper_  _Design for Murder_ (and others in series)
     Features Annie Darling, owner of a South Caroline mystery book-
     store, and her husband, Max, solving crimes.

Havighurst, Marian. _Murder in the Stacks_
     Miami Univ, Ohio library setting.

Hess, Joan.  Claire Malloy series.
     Bookstore owner, Claire Malloy, solves mysteries in her small
     Arkansas town.  (Also recommends other Hess titles about Arkansas
     female sheriff; humor and mystery).

Kurzweil, Allen. _A Grand Complication_  (NEW & Most Recommendations!)
     NYPL reference librarian hired to do unorthodox, esoteric,
     possibly illegal research on a missing object for wealthy

McCracken, Elizabeth.  _The Giant's House_
     Cape Cod, Mass. public librarian falls for one of her patrons:
     a giant boy.

Meredith, D. R.  _By Hook or by Book_ and _Murder in Volume_
     Features Reference librarian, Megan Clark, of Amarillo, Texas.

Monfredo, Miriam.  _Seneca Falls Inheritance_  _Through a Gold Eagle_ _Must the Maiden Fall_
     Glynis Tryon, Seneca Falls, NY librarian.  Historical fiction.

Whitten, Matt. _Breakfast at Madelines_ (and others in series).

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