World War II

      Ackerman, Karen/Alexa Grace.  When Mama Retires.
      Alington, Gabriel.  Evacuee.
      Anderson, Margaret J.  Searching for Shona.
      Anderson, Rachel.  Paper Faces.
      Balderson, Margaret/Victor Ambrus.  When Jays Fly to Bárbmo.
      Barne, Kitty.  We'll Meet in England.
       Visitors from London.
      Bauer, Marion Dane.  Rain of Fire.
      Bawden, Nina.  Carrie's War.
          The Real Plato Jones.
          Keeping Henry.
      Bennett, Cherie. Anne Frank and Me.
      Bishop, Claire Huchet/Georges Schreiber.  Pancakes-Paris.
      Bloch, Marie Halun/Allen Davis.  Displaced Person.
      Borden, Louise/Michael Foreman. The Little Ships.
      Brent-Dyer, Elinor. The Chalet School in Exile.
      Bunting, Eve.  Terrible Thing.
      Burch, Robert.  The Whitman Kick.
      Burch, Robert.  /Ronald Himler.  Hut School and the Wartime Home-Front Heroes.
      Burnford, Sheila.  .  Bel Ria.
      Burton, Hester/Victor Ambrus.  In Spite of All Terror.
      Campbell, Barbara.  Taking Care of Yoki.
                 A Girl Named Bob.
      Cooper, Susan/Margery Gill.  Dawn of Fear.
      D'Aulaire, Ingri & Edgar/I&A D'A.  Wings for Per.
      Dahl, Roald.  Going Solo.
      Davidson, Mildred.  Link of Three.
      de Jong, Meindert.  The House of Sixty Fathers.
      Deschamps, Helene.  Spyglass.
      Donaldson, Margaret.  The Moonís on Fire.
      Dougan, Olive.  The Schoolgirl Refugee.
      Elder, Josephine.  Strangers at the Farm School.
      Enright, Elizabeth.  Then There Were Five.
      Farmer, Wendell/Alice Harvey.  Bicycle Commandos.
      Fife, Dale/Haakon Saether.  North of Danger.
      Foreman, Michael.  War Boy.
                 Friend or Foe.
      Gallico, Paul.  The Snow Goose.
      Gandam, Jane.  A Long Way from Verona.
      Garrigue, Sheila.  The Eternal Spring of Mr. Ito
      Gleit, Maria/Mimi Korach.  Niko's Mountains.
      Green, Bette.  Summer of My German Soldier.
      Grund, Josef Carl.  Beyond the Bridge.
      Hader, Berta and Elmer/B&EH.  The Skyrocket.
      Hamley, Dennis.  The War and Freddy.
      Hannam, Charles.  A Boy in Your Situation.
      Harris, Mary K.  Gretel at St. Brides.
      Haugaard, Erik Christian.  Chase Me, Catch Nobody!
      Haugaard, Erik Christian/Milton Johnson.  The Little Fishes.
      Heneghan, James.  Wish Me Luck.
      Horgan, Dorothy.  The Edge of War.
      Hughes, Shirley.  The Lion and the Unicorn.
      Innocenti, Roberto/RI.  Rose Blanche.
      Junk, Reinhardt.  Dreaming in Black and White.
      Kacer, Kathy.  The Secret of Gabiís Dresser.
        Claraís War.
      Kay, Mara.  In Face of Danger.
      Kerr, Judith/J. K.  When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit.
                   The Other Way Around.
      Kerr, M. E.  Gentlehands.
      Koehn, Ilse.  Mischling.
                Second Degree.
      Kristoffersen, Eva/Helen Sewell.  A Bee in Her Bonnet.
      Lamplugh, Lois.  Falcon's Tor.
      Lisle, Janet Taylor.  Sirens and Spies.
      Little, Jean.  Listen for the Spring.
      Liu, Beatrice/Graham Peck.  Little Wu and the Watermelons.
      Lowry, Lois.  Number the Stars.
      Magorian, Michelle.  Goodnight Mr. Tom.
      Matas, Carol.  Lisa.
       After the War.
       Danielís Story.
      McGuire, Gregory.  The Good Liar.
      McSwigan, Marie/Mary Reardon.  Snow Treasure
      Michener, James A./MH.  South Pacific.
      Napoli, Donna Jo.  Stones in Water.
      Nösstlinger, Christine.  Fly Away Home.
      Orgel, Doris.  A Certain Magic.
         The Devil in Vienna.
      Orlev, Uri.  The Man from The Other Side.
      Orlev, Uri.  The Island on Bird Street.
      OíSullivan, Mark.  Angels Without Wings.
      Pausewag, Gudrun.  The Final Journey.
      Pearson, Kit.  The Guests of War Trilogy: The Sky is Falling, Looking at the Moon, The Lights Go On Again.
      Pease, Howard.  Heart of Danger.
      Phillips, Ethel Calvert.  Brian's Victory.
      Pilcher, Sonia.  The Holocaust Kid.
      Reeder, Carolyn.  Fosterís War.
      Rees, David.  The Exeter Blitz.
      Richter, Hans Peter.  Friedrich.
                  I Was There.
      Sachs, Marilyn.  A Pocket Full of Seeds.
      Salisbury, Graham.  Under the Blood-Red Sun.
      Salten, Felix/Diana Thorne.  Renni the Rescuer.
      Savery, Constance.  Enemy Brothers.
      Schweitzer, Pam.  What Did You Do in the War, Mum?
      Seredy, Kate/KS.  The Chestry Oak.
      Serraillier, Ian/Walter C. Hodges.  The Silver Sword.
      Sevela, Ephraim.  We Were Not Like Other People.
      Smucker, Barbara/Allan Eitzen.  Henry's Red Sea.
      Southall, Ivan.  The Long Night Watch.
      Stephens, Elaine C., Jean Brown, Janet Rubin.  Learning about the Holocaust.
      Stong, Phil/Kurt Wiese.  Censored, the Goat.
      Streatfeild, Noel/Richard Floethe.  The Stranger in Primrose Lane (UK: The Children in Primrose Lane).
    Party Frock.
    When the Sirens Wailed.
      ter Itaar, Jaap.  Boris.
      Treadgold, Mary.  We Couldn't Leave Dinah.
      Turner, Philip.  Dunkirk Summer.
      Uchida, Yoshiko.  The Bracelet.
              Hiroshima No Pika
              Faithful Elephants
      Walsh, Jill Paton.  Fireweed.
             The Dolphin Crossing.
      Watkins, Yoko Kawashima.  So Far From the Bamboo Grove.
      Westall, Robert.  Blitzcat.
             Kingdom by the Sea.
            The Machine Gunners.
      Williams, Ursula Moray.  Boy in a Barn.
      Wiseman, Eva.  My Yellow Canary Star.
      Wulffson, Don.  Soldier X.
      Wuorio, Eva-Lis.  Code: Polonaise.
               To Fight in Silence.
      Yolen, Jane.  The Devilís Arithmetic.
        Briar Rose
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