• Alexander, Sue.  Nadia the Willful
  • Carmi. Danielle.  Samir & Yonatan
  • Climo, Persian Cinderella
  • Ellis, Deborah.  Breadwinner
  • Freeman, Cuckoo's Child
  • Heide, Florence Parry, Sami and the Time of Troubles
  • Heide, Florence Parry, The Day of Ahmed's Secret
  • Heide. The House of Wisdom,
  • Khan, Rukhsana. Muslim Child. It is short stories and poems that introduce children to Islam.
  • Khan, Rukhsana. The Roses in My Carpet -- picture book about an Afghani boy living in a refugee camp.
  • Lewin, Ted. The Storytellers, which is set in Fez, Morocco.
  • Matze, Stars in my Geddoh's Sky
  • Nye, Sitti's Secrets
  • Oppenheim, Shulamith Levey: The Hundredth Name
  • Rumford, Traveling Man:  The Journey of Ibn Battuta, 1325-1354
  • San Souci, Robert.  A Weave of Words
  • Stars in My Geddoh's Sky- and the one about the little Pakistani- American girl getting her hands hennahed for a wedding..
  • Zeman, Ludmila. Gilgamesh the king
  • Zeman, Ludmila. The last quest of Gilgamesh



    The American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) has a good online bibliography of books and materials on many aspects of the Arab world.

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