• The Family Treasury of Jewish Holidays by Malka Drucker (Little, Brown). The collection of information about Jewish celebrations helps readers understand the meanings behind the rituals. It includes stories, songs, craft projects, and recipes as well as lovely illustrations. Reading aloud, 4 and up; beginning readers, 8 and up.

    • Grandma's Latkes by Malka Drucker (Harcourt Brace, 1992). A girl helps her grandmother make latkes, and her grandmother tells her the story of Hanukkah. Painted woodcuts illustrate the story. Reading aloud, 4-8.

      Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins by Eric Kimmel (Holiday House, 1989). In this "trickster" tale, a crafty old man rescues Hanukkah from goblins who hate it. Reading aloud, ages 5-8.

      Chanukah Fun by Toli Marcus Minelli (Tupelo, 1994). A fun book of Hanukkah crafts and activities. Ages 6-12.

      Light the Lights by Margaret Moorman (Scholastic, 1994). This book about an interfaith holiday celebration tells of Emma, a girl whose family gladly observes both Hanukkah and Christmas. Reading aloud, ages 3-7.

      Hanukkah Fun by Judy Bastyra (Kingfisher, 1996). A crafts book includes fun and different projects. Ages 7-12.

      The Hanukkah Book by Marilyn Burns (Macmillan, 1981). A nonfiction book, this examines the meaning of Hanukkah and includes a section on how Jewish children can explore their feelings about Christmas. Ages 8 and up.

      There's No Such Thing as a Chanukah Bush, Sandy Goldstein by Susan Sussman (Albert Whitman,1983). An account of what it feels like to be Jewish when everyone else seems to be celebrating Christmas.

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