South West Asia and the Middle East

    •           A Girl Called Disaster by Nancy Farmer (Africa??)
    •           Ali and the Golden Eagle (South West Asia)
    •           Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis (Afghanistan)
    •           Habibi by Naoni Shibab Nye (Palestine, West Bank)
    •           Kiss the Dust by Elizabeth Laird (Iraq)
    •           Royal Diaries-Princess Nzingha  (Angola)
    •           Shabanu by Suzanne Staples  (Pakistan)
    •           Shadow Spinner by Susan Fletcher
    •           Shiva's Fire by Susan Staples (India)
    •           So Far From the Bamboo Grove (Asia) and its sequel My Brother, My Sister, and I
    •           The Beduin's Gazelle by Francis Temple
    •           The Seesaw Girl (17th century Korea)
    •           The Storyteller's Beads by Jane Kurtz (Ethiopia)

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