The first book to come to mind was "One grain of rice" by Demi. It is a folktale from India and shows the cleverness of a young girl in doubling the ration of
rice each day.   I like Demi's version because of the beautiful illustrations. Try "A Grain of Rice" by Pittman.

Counting on Frank by Rod Clement.

The Day no Pigs Would Die, by Robert Peck, if it's still in print,  would be fun.  If I remember correctly, it's a story of a railroad station master who receives a shipment of a pair of guinea pigs &  refuses to deliver the package to the person who ordered it because of  bureaucratic policy that wasn't followed.  I don't remember who the illustrator is, but eventually, the railroad station is overrun with "pigs".

There is a story in Julius Lester's book entitled How the Leopard got  his spots and other tales...the story I am thinking of is the title story  in that book. It
deals with counting and how silly we look if we don't know basic math concepts...multiplication is mentioned it it. It is comical  and I have done it with 2nd
graders...we discuss what "vain" means and I  let the math "lessons" just happen as I read....they think that the end is funny and how ridiculous those animals
didn't know how to count well.

Jon Sciezka's The Math Curse

Anno's Mysterious Multiplying Jar. Anno, Mitsumasa. Philomel, 1983.

Loreen Leedy has a book called 2x2=boo! about multiplication.   This one is really good for Halloween, but it is multiplication:2X2=BOO: A Set of
Spooky Multiplication Stories. Leedy, Loreen. Holiday, 1995.

Bunches and Bunches of Bunnies.

Each Orange Had Eight Slices(Giganti) and then have each child make a page for our own book patternedafter the Giganti/Crews book. It's strictly multiplication!

The doorbell rang by P.Hutchins is always a fun story

Check some of the picture books by Marilyn Burns.  I believe she does have one dealing with multiplication.

"100 hungry Ants" Its very cute!

There's a book called "A Remainder of One", I believe, that I have used with 3rd graders.  I can't remember the author.  It is a picture book about some ant
soldiers who are trying to march in a parade in even  straight  lines, but poor Joe keeps ending up as the remainder of one, until they finally form lines that work out  evenly.

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