• 8.4 by Peter Hernon, set in the midwest (New Madras fault?)  Adventure fans should enjoy this one
  • A terrific picture book for older readers is The Great Shaking: an account of the earthquakes of 1811 and 1812 by a Bear Who Was a Witness, New Madrid, Missouri written by Jo Carson (Orchard, 1994).
  • Aftershock by Chuck Scarborough
  • cracking up*
  • Earthquake at Dawn by Kristian Gregory
  • Earthquake Terror by Peg Kehret
  • FIRE & FOG by Dianne Day.  This is actually an adult mystery novel, but the spunky young heroine who defies her restricted life in Boston to set up a typing business in San Francisco will appeal to teen girls.
  • PaperQuake by Kathryn Reiss
  • Quake! by Joe Cottonwood
  • MEMORY BOY by Will Weaver, Harper Collins, March 2001 Set in the near future, a series of cataclysmic volcanic eruptions in the Cascades results in worldwide climactic changes and disintegration of American society. Jumping between the time that the explosions occur and a point two years later, we follow a family from Minneapolis. Led by the family's clever 16 year old son, who is also our narrator, the family attempts to skirt danger as they try to escape the city in hopes of living at their vacation cabin on a lake.
  • San Francisco Earthquake, 1906 by Kathleen Duey
  • Sweet Valley High had titles EARTHQUAKE and AFTERSHOCK in 1998.
  • The King Must Die by Mary Renault.Theseus, as the son of Poseidon, has this fey habit of causing earthquakes whenever his emotions get the best of him. The primo earthquake of the whole novel comes about when Theseus gets really ticked off at the Minotaur, and the entire island of Crete suffers the consequences. There's a great climax with Theseus and his girlfriend Ariadne getting seriously wild together for, oh, several hours during the earthquake. Amazing stuff. Kind of like a Ken Russell movie. For older teens.
  • Tremor by Winston Graham
  • When the River Ran Backward by Emily Crofford

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