Picture Books About War

    The angel with the mouth organ  by Christobel Mattingley is a wonderful book about being a refugee in war-torn Europe - always makes me cry.

     Sami and the Time of the Troubles  Why= no  text, pic book in which two animals, I think a frog and a mouse, argue about possession of something and it escalates into a war and destroys the very thing they argued about. The message is very clear that war is not the way
    to solve one's problems.

     Sam the Minuteman

    The Wall _ by Eve Bunting is about the Vietnam Memorial in DC and the emotional responses it arouses.

     The Butter Battle Book  by Seuss

     My Grandfather's Journey   Allen Say

     Hiroshima No Pika   by a Japanese author, Toshi Maruki published in the United States by Lothrop, Lee  and Shepard, N Y,  1980    ISBN 0-699-01297-3    It is a powerful picture book from paintings by the author inspired by an encounter with a survivor of Hiroshima telling of trying to escape The Flash, carrying her husband on her back.

    The Butterfly  by Patricia Pollacco 2000 A new autobiographical picture book by Pollacco about family experiences during World War II.  As always, a lovely book from Pollacco.  My teachers are using it in the 8th grade Holocaust Unit.

    War Game   or   War Games , not sure which it is. by Michael Foreman.  The publisher has let it go out of stock so it is hard to locate. It's based on a true story during WWI or II, a Christmas  Day, when during a mutually called truce for the day, the two opposing sides enjoy a friendly games of soccer.

     War Boy   is a good one.

     Nim and the War Effort  by Lee

     The Miracle Tree  by Christobel Mattingley

     The Staircase Cat  by Colin Thompson

     Remembering The Story of a Soldier  by Virginia Mayo

     Harry and the Anzac Poppy  by John Lockyer

     My Hiroshima  by Junko Morimoto

     Feathers and Fools  by Mem Fox

     The Blue and The Gray  by Eve Bunting.

     So far from the sea  by Eve Bunting

     The bracelet   by Uchida (Japanese internment)

     Let the Celebrations Begin  by Margaret Wild (a picture book about the Holocaust)

     In Flanders Field  by Linda Granfield is a picture book version of the WWI poem

     Sleds on Boston Common :A story from the American Revolution by Robert Parker

     Shin's Tricycle  by Tatsuharu Kodama

     The Children We Remember  by Chana Byers Abells

     Baseball Saved Us  by Ken Mochizuki

     Nobody wants a nuclear war  by Vigna

     Year of the perfect Christmas tree  by Houston (family at home)

     Redcoats and Petticoats  by Katherine Kirkpatrick (Revolutionary War)

     The Little Ships: Heroic rescue at Dunkirk  by Louise Borden

     Nim and the War Effort  by Milly Lee

     Cecil's Story  by George Ella Lyon

     The lily cupboard  by Shulamith Levey Oppenheim

     In my pocket  by Dorrith M. Simm

     The drummer boy  by Ann Turner

     Best Friends  by Polacco

     Shin's Tricycle  by Tatsuharu Kodama

     Fireflies in the Dark  by Goldman

     My Secret Camera: life in Lodz Ghetto  by Grossman

     Peace Crane  by Hanamaka

     Sami and the time of Troubles  (Lebenon) by Heide

     Katie's Trunk  (Rev War) by Turner

     Peacebound Trains  by Balgassi

     Cello of Mr. O  by Jane Cutler

     The Feather-Bed Journey  by Paula Feder

     Flowers on the Wall  by Miriam Nerlove.

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