Non-Christian Religious Fiction

       Myrtle of Willendorf by Rebecca O'Connell (Front Street, 2000)

      The Cure and The Singing Mountain by Sonia Levitin
       With All My Heart, With All My Mind: Thirteen Stories about Growing
    Up Jewish.  Compiled by Sandy Asher (Simon & Schuster)
       The Singing Mountain by Sonia Levitin (Simon & Schuster)
        The Chosen and The Promise by Chaim Potok (Ballantine)
        Masada by Gloria Miklowitz

       The Bedouin's Gazelle by Frances Temple (Orchard)

    Ancient Mayan
       The Heart of a Jaguar by marc Talbert (Simon & Schuster)

        Tusk and Stone by Malcolm Bosse (Front Street)

    I Believe in Water - ed. Marilyn Singer
    Miriam's Well - Lois Ruby
    Bless Me Ultima, Rudolph Anaya (Christian I believe)

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