Hawaii Picture Books

    • "Sumarella"   (version of Cinderella)
    • Au, Joy S.  "A Bug Hunt in Hawai'i Nei"
    • Bogart, Jo Ellen   "Gifts"
    • Buffet, Guy & Pam    "Pua Pua Lena Lena and the Magic Kiha-pu: an adaptation from the Hawaiian Legends"
    • Fellows, Rebecca Nevers   "A Lei for Tutu"
    • George, Jean Craighead   "Dear, Katie, the Volcano is a Girl"
    • Guback,Gloria    "Luka's Quilt"
    • Howell, Dean   "The Story of Chinaman's Hat"
    • Laird, Donivee   "Three Hawaiian Pigs and the Magic Shark"
    • Matsumoto, Lisa   "Beyond Ohia Valley: Adventures in a Hawaiian Rainforest"
    • Matsumoto, Lisa   "How the B-52 Cockroach Learned to Fly"
    • Nunes   "To Find the Way"
    • Rattigan, Jama Kim   "Dumpling Soup"
    • Rumford, James   "The Island Below the Star"
    • Stanley, Fay.  "The Last Princess"
    • Tune, Suelyn Ching   "How Maui Slowed the Sun"
    • Wardlow, Lee            "Punia and the King of Sharks"



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