Moral issues (Elementary)

Contributor's Form (list #156)

1) The Book of Virtues, compiled by William J. Bennett? (Also The Children’s Book of Virtues)

2)Joy Berry's Let's Talk About series -- Let's Talk about Stealing, Let's Talk about Lying These books are a hit with kids K-4 in our school.

3) Check out Bill Cosby's new series books. One title is The Meanest Thing to Say. In his wonderful style he combines humor with reality and drives home the point in ways that resonate with '90s second graders.

4) There are 2 new sets (of 6 books each) by Rosen/Power Kids Press about teasing, stealing, bullying, etc. Each set costs about $60

5) Sam, Bangs and Moonshine by Evaline Ness. I think the Human Race Club has a video series on values.

6) There's always the Berenstain Bears!

7) Have you tried "Veggie Tales?"

8) Values Matter series by Shelley Nielsen from Abdo Daughters Pub. in Minnesota

9) Learn the Value Of series by Elaine P. Goley from Rourke Enterprises in Vero Beach, FL

10) Values Library from Rosen Pub.

11) Chen Ping and His Magic Axe by Demi It has a very good honesty theme

12) Aesop's Fables -- The Boy Who Cried Wolf

13) Dr. Seuss books: The Sneetches (prejudice) Horton Hatches the Egg (work

ethic) The Lorax (respect for the environment)

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