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Meyer, Stephenie.
Boston : Little, Brown, 2008
ISBN 0316068047
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This is not Twilight. It is written for adults and although it has Stephenie Meyer’s same writing style (which her fans love), it is a much more mature story. And it’s about aliens, not vampires. Well, kind of.

These aliens are called “souls” in human language. They are a race of sentient beings that live in hosts. They travel from world to world, taking over the native races and implanting themselves in those bodies.

“I knew it would begin with the end, and the end would look like death to these eyes. I had been warned.

“Not these eyes. My eyes. Mine. This was me now.

“The language I found myself using was odd, but it made sense. Choppy, boxy, blind, and linear. Impossibly crippled in comparison to many I’d used, yet still it managed to find fluidity and expression. Sometimes beauty. My language now. My native tongue.

“With the truest instinct of my kind, I’d bound myself securely into the body’s center of thought, twined myself inescapably into its every breath and reflex until it was no longer a separate entity. It was me.

“Not the body, my body.” (p. 9)

Wanderer is a soul, implanted into Melanie’s body. Melanie was a rebel and only a very experienced and strong soul would be put into an adult. But Wanderer, who has lived out seven full lives on other planets, is very experienced and very strong. So why can’t she keep Melanie under control? Usually the soul of the invaded host is pushed out of the way and … just kind of goes away. Melanie fights back. And Melanie is so very much in love, Wanderer falls in love too. So they set out to find that love, and end up living with a band of humans hiding from the aliens. And then things get interesting.  (Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award, 2011)

SUBJECTS:      Spirits -- Fiction.
                        Science fiction.
                        Love stories.

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