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Fukui, Isamu.
New York : Tor, 2008
ISBN 07653176722

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Booktalk #1

Have you ever gotten so fed up with school that you just wanted to take down the whole system? Enter the world of the Truancy, where groups of abused students dissatisfied with the totalitarian education system work to bring it down. Tack didn’t know about the war at first--he was just struggling to get by in school without being punished—and we’re not just talking after school detention. Punishment is swift and severe, and sometimes means you never see someone again. When someone Tack loves is killed in the crossfire between the Educators and the Truants, he vows revenge. Join Tack as he is trained for his missions and learns the goals of the Truancy, and eventually becomes trusted enough to be appointed second in command to Zyid, the Truancy’s leader. But Tack still wants revenge--what side will he choose when his choices run out? Think you don’t like school? Read Truancy to find out how good you really have it. Also note--the author wrote this book when he was 15 years old!   (Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award, 2011)

Booktalk #2

Starting a year after the end of the first in this series, Truancy, Isamu Fukui’s Truancy Citybrings the action on a larger scale.  The dystopian city run by the Educators and the Enforcers has been falling one district at a time to the rebel group of teens, the Truancy, and the reader gets to see the action from multiple perspectives.  The Mayor realizes defeat as outside government powers begin to make their move onto the city.  Umasi learns from the Mayor the secrets behind the founding of the city and the danger posed by the entrance of his half-sister, a general in the government military.  Takan has proven himself to be a great leader and warrior for the Truancy as victory seems closer and closer.  But most interesting is the entrance of Cross, a protégé of Edward, who leads the city’s Student Militia but realizes that the Truancy may not be his enemy after all.  With the pace of a video game, Truancy City is a quick-moving, action-packed story of a dystopian city under siege where no one’s motives can go unquestioned.  The author first started writing this series when he was in high school, and this entry showcases his best writing yet with the introduction of complex, new characters that grab your attention over the returning characters.  With a sharp focus on war and its effects, Fukui crafts an engaging story of a city under siege.  (Book Talk Author: Joel Mollman, Colorado Blue Spruce Award, 2015)

SUBJECTS:      Totalitarianism -- Fiction.
                        Education -- Fiction.
                        Counterculture -- Fiction.

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