About me...

OK, just who is Nancy Keane anyway?  We've used the site and read the books but still don't know who she is!

Well, I am just another lover of children's literature just like you.  I was raised in Massachusetts and have lived in Vermont, Ireland and now in New Hampshire.  When I was little, my mother introduced me to the joys of reading.  She wrote short stories for magazines and school readers and loved sharing her joy with me.  I loved to read but, alas, I was not a good reader -- according to the school standards.  So, I served a stint in the remedial reading class.  I must admit I didn't feel I belonged there.  I read just fine.  I was just a very slow reader so when I had to share a book with another student, I simply didn't read the whole page before the other student turned the page.  Well, after a time in remedial reading, I learned how to fake it for the teacher and they let me out.  I am still a slow reader but I don't worry about it anymore.  I love language and read and reread at my own pace.

After graduating from high school, I left the small town life and headed off to University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  I had never seen so many people in one place.  I loved it!  It was there that I got a job in the library.  It was a work-study job as part of my financial aid but I absolutely loved it.  Being around books all day was a privilege.  Actually, I usually tried to get the night shift at the circulation desk.  When it was quiet, I got to sit and read.  So, after four years and a degree in psychology, what else was I prepared for?  You got it.  A job in a library.  I got a job in an academic library as a clerk typist.  Now, I know I'm dating myself but my first full time job was typing the headings on the top of the catalog cards!

After a couple of years as a para-professional, I decided it was time to get my master's degree and become a "real" librarian.  So, off I headed south and went to University of Rhode Island.  Acutally, Simmons was my first choice seeing as how it was across the street from Fenway Park and I'm a die-hard Red Sox fan.  But, I couldn't afford the cost so I went to URI.  And boy am I glad I did.  I met a great group of people and had some wonderful professors.  I also got a work-study job at the reserve desk.  So, nights and weekends you could find me sitting at the desk -- reading!

After I got my degree, I had a few positions before I found my true calling.  I've had  jobs as a cataloger in academic libraries.  I've worked as the night and weekend librarian at a public library.  I helped set up a library in a medical office.  I even worked as a library director at a small college.  But, my true passion is working as a school librarian.  And, believe it or not, I love working with middle school kids.  They are a very interesting bunch!  So, for the past couple of decades, I've been a school librarian in New Hampshire.  I have also been very involved in technology and earned a MA in Educational Technology a few years ago.  I am now working on my doctoral degree and am looking at the social web and the educational applications it holds.

I still love to read and have shared many of my favorites with my own children.  My daughter has blessed me with my two grandsons.  And now I can share more stories with the boys as the years go by.

When I'm not at work or spending time with my family, I keep very busy.  In addition to my webpages and books, I also promote reading through a television show.  Kids' Book Beat airs monthly on our local cable channel, CCTV.  Shows have included students talking about their favorites, guest booktalkers, a story teller and local authors. I have developed and taught several online classes in children's literature as well.

Computers have also become my fascination.  I am on the adjunct faculty of the Computer Dept. at New Hampshire Technical Institute.  Distance education has always interested me -- especially while living in rural areas.  I have been fortunate to be involved with several online learning initiatives.

Now you probably know more than you ever could have wanted to!

June 7, 2009